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Cancellation Policy

We respectfully ask that you give the Spa at least 24 hours notice if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment. The full service(s) cost will be charged for any late cancellation or no-show appointments. 

To make any changes to an appointment, please call (305) 854-3100. 

NO E-MAILS will be accepted as cancellation or rescheduling notice.

Cryotherapy is exposing your skin up to -292°F  for only 2-3 minutes. Whole body cryotherapy works by stepping into cryo chamber where cool air circulates around your body.

This type of treatment have significant both medical and cosmetic benefits. Initially  intended for a use in clinical setting to treat patients with rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, it has now been implemented in many spas and athletic training facilities.

Cryotherapy benefits are numerous. Whether you are an athlete looking to reach your peak performance or you want to relieve pain caused by autoimmune disease, whole body cryotherapy can help you.

Improve Blood Circulation, Boost Metabolism, Burn Calories, Rejuvenate and much more.

The best thing about cryotherapy treatment is that it is completely natural and finally with only one 2-3 minutes session you get to experience all the benefits.

What should you expect from cryotherapy treatment?

We use cryosauna model which use pressurized liquid nitrogen to lower your skin’s surface temperature from normal body temperature to 30°F in about 30 seconds or less and keeps it that way for 2-3 minutes. The skin reacts to the cold through a process called vasoconstriction, which pulls the blood from the extremities and brings it to the core to protect the vital organs and sends messages to the brain that stimulates the regulatory functions of the body. After the 2-3 minute process, new re-oxygenated blood, filled with new hormones, then initiates a detox process and scans all areas of the body that may not be working, back to their fullest potential.

Single Session..................................$70.00

5 Session Package...........................$250.00

10 Session Package.........................$400.00

Membership plans are also available

Our cryotherapy specialist Aleksandra will go through entire process with you to make sure that you are comfortable with treatment from beginning to the very end . Please refer to to find in detail about cryotherapy benefits, risks and contraindications.

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