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Pain Management

Looking for assistance beyond conventional medicine and physical therapy? At BodySense, we are committed to harmonizing your overall health and wellness through a range of approaches. By blending contemporary technology with time-tested Eastern medicine, we aim to elevate your well-being. Whether through acupuncture or integrating medical massage with electro-therapy, we offer a diverse array of methods to alleviate your pain or discomfort.

Pain Management Treatment

This treatment incorporates different modalities in order to achieve maximum benefits. It combines Postural Analysis, ROM (range of motion ) evaluation, Manual Therapy, M.P.S., Infrared and/or Moist Heat and Cupping.


60 Min. - $150

90 Min. - $225

M.P.S (Micro-current Point Stimulation)
This therapy is utilized to combat chronic and acute pain. It is a non-invasive tool applying concentrated low frequency stimulation to acupuncture points, motor/trigger points and contracted motor bands. It can provide immediate pain relief, decrease muscle tonicity and accelerate tissue repair for any form of musculoskeletal disorder, regardless of cause.


Every 15 Min. - $40
M.P.S. with massage (60 min) - $130

Pain Management Acupuncture

Based on the belief that health is determined by chi, the vital life energy that flows through every living thing. This energy moves along the meridians, each of which is linked to a specific organ. If the flow of energy is balanced, the individual enjoys good health. If it's interrupted, various problems can result.


First Visit - $ 150
Additional Visits - $ 100

5 Additional Visits Package $ 360
10 Additional Visits Package $ 600

EMS - Electro Muscle Stimulation

While using the EMS, the brain sends a nerve impulse to the "motor point" of your muscle. This signal is a message to the muscles to expand and contract. Electrodes are placed over the motor points of the muscle group to be exercised. When the neuromuscular stimulation is applied through the pads, the signal finds its way to these motor points and causes the muscle to expand and contract.


One Session - $60
10 Sessions - $450


Bio-Active Frequency Treatment

What researchers are discovering today is that every bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasite has its own frequency which can be identified. The plan is to implode the pathogen cells using quality directed frequencies. The body can then heal itself. It doesn't matter which disease you have. The membrane walls are shattered and the pathogen quickly dies. The best part is that the healthy cells will not be affected, since they function on a different frequency.


One Session - $60
10 Sessions - $450

Unlimited Month - $300

What Our Clients Say

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